LA Times Reports on VFX Bake-Off Event

by malducin

The LA Times recently published an article detailing this years VFX Bake-Off. The article recounts some of the presenters, including Stan Winston for AI, Dan Taylor for Jurassic Park 3 and Rob Legato for Harry Potter. It also includes a description of the general ambiance inside the theatre, the trials and tribulations of VFX fans inside the theatre and Dennis Muren getting the news that AI was nominated.

The article has a minor error, saying that Eric Brevig won last year for Gladiator, probably confused him with John Nelson (maybe because both have beards?). He also see to misunderstand a bit the friendly banter that might arise from his comments about Dan Taylor, though anyone would know that probably that isn't the case after hearing the JP3 DVD audio commentary. Here it is in printable format:

Proving Fantasy Is Real

Seems that regular people can actually go to the bake-off (which comes to a surprise to me), as long as space permits it. Guess I might have to make plans for next year ;-).

Thanks to Dr. CGI for the link.