Mark A.Z. Dippé Joins Rhythm and Hues

by malducin is reporting that Mark A.Z. Dippé has just joined the commercials division of Rhythm and Hues. Mark Dippé worked at ILM in the late 80s and mid 90s, where he helped establish ILM's CG department after the Pixar spinoff, and worked in such projects as The Abyss, T2 and Jurassic Park.

Mark Dippé joined ILM in 1988 while attending graduate computer graphics classes at U.C. Berkeley (where he later earned his PhD). AT ILM he worked on such projects as The Abyss, T2 and Jurassic Park. After leaving ILM he made his directorial debut was with the movie version of Spawn (which he also co-wrote), along with pal Steve "Spaz" Williams. Both co-founded Complete Pandemonium, a commercials and CG production house.

You can read the announcement here:

Rhythm + Hues Commercial Hires New Production Head & Director

We like to wish Mark Dippé good luck and success in his future endeavors.