Markee Magazine Takes Deep Look into T3 VFX

by malducin

Markee magazine is running an extensive article on the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machine VFX work. It includes comments from VFX Supervisor Pablo Helman, Associate VFX Supervisor Samir Hoon, CG Supervisor David Meny, and details some of the research, techniques and software used like Zeno and CompTime, Maya, Softimage, Matador, Commotion, advanced fluid level sets research, the use of particle systems and the cloth simulator and the extensive use of matchmoving and digital stunt doubles.

It includes quite a few other tidbits, like not using mocap and the involvement of the Stanford CG people. You can read it here (click on the magazine cover, then on the features tab):

Markee magazine T3 coverage

Thanks to Kmart for the great find.