Millimeter Covers Hulk

by malducin

Millimeter magazine is running an article on the making of the Hulk. Besides talking about Ang Lee there is a whole section with ILM CG Supervisor Gerald Gutschmidt who discusses some of the innovations to subsurface scattering for the skin, Cari for the animation, and Flesh Light to simulate skin movemnt over bone and muscle. There is also coverage about the cinematography (DP Fred Elmes), editing (Editor Tim Squyres) and sound work (Richard Hymns at Skywalker Sound).

You can read it here:

The Hulk

There is also coverage about network storage for visual effects, discussed by Mark A. Brown from Rhythm and Hues, faking global illumination via image based techniques for the VW spot directed by former ILM member Andrew Hardaway, some of the work for Charlie's Angels 2, and a tiny preview of the Electronic Theatre for this year's SIGGRAPH. Next issue promises coverage on ILM's work for T3.

Many thanks to Ian Failes for the great link.