More Coverage on The Incredibles and The Polar Express

by malducin

Fortune magazine posted an article with Ed Catmull, founder and President of Pixar. Recently there has been an onslaught of coverage of Pixar's The Incredibles as well as plenty of interviews about The Polar Express with Director Robert Zemeckis and VFX Supervisors Ken Ralston, a former member of ILM, and Jerome Chen of Imageworks.

Here is the coverage of Pixar and The Incredibles from such magazines as CGW, VFXPro, VFXWorld and Animation World Magazine:

The Man Who Built Pixar's Incredible Innovation Machine
Incredible Animation: Pixar's New Technologies
Hero Animation
Brad Bird & Pixar Tackle CG Humans Like True Superheroes
Kiwi connection in Pixar movie
The Incredibles Production Notes

Here is the coverage about The Polar Express from such magazines as Film and Video, Post, VFXWorld, Wired and others:

Soul Train
Polar Express
All Aboard the CG Polar Express
Through A Scanner, Smartly
Riding the Polar Express
Performance capture CGI technique makes 'the polar express' an advance for animation
On the FX 'Express'
How Tom Hanks co-starred with himself
Polar Expedition

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