MPC Sold to Thomson; Hoyt Yeatman to Direct G-Force

by malducin

CGNetworks is reporting that premier VFX company The Moving Picture Company has been sold to Thomson. In other news Hoyt Yeatman, cofounder of Dream Quest Images, will make his directorial debut with G-Force.

MPC, founded in 1980, is on of the worlds and the UK's premier VFX facility, that worked on such projects as the Harry Potter films, Alexander, The English Patient and the upcoming Batman Begins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Hoyt Yeatman was one of the founders of Dream Quest Images in 1979, a pioneering VFX facility and the second of the modern era after ILM, bought by Disney in 1994 and renamed The Secret Lab in 1999 before being closed in early 2002. You can read more details here:

The Moving Picture Company Sold
Bruckheimer reckons with 'G-Force'

Thanks to Shane for the G-Force heads up.