New Forums Go Live!

by thefan

The forum changes have gone live. Unfortunately, my hosting company was having major server problem, so the site has been down for a few days.

But I've made the new forums active (and it's only 3:21am!). This post will give you a good idea how the ILM discussion forums will work.

Click on the "READ MORE" link below to see the whole post.

You can visit all of the forums at All Forums. There is two ILM forums here. Posts to the "ILM News" forum will also appear on the front page. Only myself and anyone else considers a moderator will be able to post topics here, but anyone can post a reply to it. If your interested in being a moderator, send me an email at

If you like to start a discussion, but are not an moderator, post your topics in the forum titled "ILM Open Discussion". Anyone can post a topic here.

Soon I'll make a link available that takes you to the forums list, but in the meantime, only the link above will get you there. I'll try to move the messages from the older forums as well.

As for me, I'm going to sleep! nite...

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