Official Newsletter Mentions Episode 2 FX Work

by malducin

Homing Beacon, the official newsletter from has a brief mention on Lucas spending his time at ILM, titled Snap Decisions.

Here it is:

George Lucas is spending an increasing amount of time at Industrial Light & Magic as effects work for Episode II continues at full speed.

The decisions being made on a regular basis are iterations of scrutiny of greater and greater detail. What was a two-dimensional concept drawing must be given a third dimension. What was a background building must be given a floor plan. What was a standing crowd is now dozens of animated individuals each needing unique movements. What was just a sneering face now needs some of their computer generated hair swept in a different direction as they move.

These thousands of decisions must be made quickly in order to keep the film on schedule. One ILM artist, whose printed renderings were given a final approval, quietly wished to see them adorned with the red "OK" seen on many completed concept sketches.

"We're moving too fast for stamps now," smiled Lucas as he left the room for the next batch of creative consultations.

You can see John Knoll and Rob Coleman there.

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