Official Star Wars Site Shows First ILM Episode III Shot

by malducin

The official Star Wars site's Hyperspace section is showing for the first time one of ILM's finals for Star Wars Episode III, along with a report on the progress of the opening sequence. The official site is also announcing an exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago which will display several ILM models and miniatures.

The image, a real tight shot of Anakin in his starfighter, doesn't show that much, mostly a laser beam, the starry background and part of another ship. The report on the opening sequence, code OSB010, mentions that it's over 1855 frames long and is still a work in progress. Technical Director David Weitzberg mentions the sequence contains a Coruscant matte painting, CG and real pyro elements and 5,000 capital ships with more elements still to be added. VFX Supervisor John Knoll will create the opening crawl, while Technical Animation supervisor Scott Benza works on animating ships.

The museum exhibit will contain models from the Star Wars films, Indiana Jones, E.T., The Hunt for Red October, The Mummy and Peter Pan. You can get more details here:

ILM Models on Display in Chicago
Action! An Adventure in Moviemaking website

Thanks to dr. CGI for the heads up.