OpenEXR 1.2 Released

by malducin

Drew Hess, principal maintainer of OpenEXR has announced the release of version 1.2, the latest production release. Besides support for tiled images and the Pixar compressor, there is also support for YCA images among the new improvements.

Here is the official announcement:


OpenEXR 1.2.0 is now released. This is the first official, production-ready release since OpenEXR 1.0.7. If you have been using the development 1.1 series, please switch to 1.2.0 as soon as possible.

We believe that OpenEXR 1.2.0 is ready for use in shipping applications. We have been using it in production at ILM for several months now with no problems.

There are quite a few major new features in the 1.2 series as compared to the original 1.0 series:

* Support for tiled images, including mipmaps and ripmaps. Note that software based on the 1.0 series cannot read or write tiled images. However, simply by recompiling your software against the 1.2 release, any code that reads scanline images can read tiled images, too.

* A new Pxr24 compressor, contributed by Pixar Animation Studios. Values produced by the Pxr24 compressor provide the same range as 32-bit floating-point numbers with slightly less precision, and compress quite a bit better. The Pxr24 compressor stores UINT and HALF channels losslessly, and for these data types performs similarly to the ZIP compressor.

* OpenEXR now supports high dynamic-range YCA (luminance/chroma/alpha) images with subsampled chroma channels. These files are supported via the RGBA convenience interface, so that data is presented to the application as RGB(A) but stored in the file as YC(A). OpenEXR also supports Y and YA (black-and-white/black-and-white with alpha) images.

* An abstracted file I/O interface, so that you can use OpenEXR with interfaces other than C++'s iostreams.

* Several new utilities for manipulating tiled image files.

You can download the OpenEXR 1.2.0 source and signature from here:

Sample images, including tiled and YCA images, can be found here: