Photos of the Letterman Digital Complex Construction

by malducin

After SIGGRAPH 2003 I had the opportunity to visit the Bay area for a couple of days visiting friends. As many others, I was curious about ILM's future home, the Letterman Digital Arts Center complex at the Presidio, near the Golden Gate Bridge. George Lucas broke ground early this year and the work is apparent even from far away.

Currently there is not much to see, although even from a distance four huge cranes are apparent. It's mostly big holes in the ground where the foundations and containment walls are already being built. The site is certainly big, though in the context of The Presidio and the Golden Gate National Park it's just a small feature. The location is beautiful with the Exploratorium and The Palace of Fine Arts a short distance away. If there is any issue it'll probably will be the traffic as the two closest exits coming of the bridge are not exactly wide and the area is definitely residential. It'll be fun to see how it will look when it's finished, sometime in 2005. Here are the pictures:

Palace of Fine Arts 1
The Palace of Fine Arts.
construction 1
Three of the 4 huge cranes currently at the site.
construction 2
A side view of the construction at the Presidio.
construction 3
Another side view of the construction at the Presidio.
construction 4
A closeup of the foundations and steel work.
construction 5
A view towards the fourth crane and huge excavation site.
Palace of Fine Arts 2
Another view of The Palace of Fine Arts.

More details about the Letterman Digital Arts Center can be found at ILM's website and by searching here for Letterman:

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