Premiere Magazine Discusses Summer 2001 FX

by malducin

The July 2001 issue of Premiere magazine discusses some of the amazing FX sequences movie going audiences can expect to see this Summer. Being a year where ILM has been very busy, several of the films they worked on are discussed.

The article titled "What a Blast!". It includes coverage of ILM's work on Pearl Harbor, A.I. and The Mummy Returns. Other projects covered are Final Fantasy, Evolution and The Fast and the Furious. The coverage is one or two pages only mostly filled with photos and little else.

Some of the few facts mentioned are the following:

* 200 ILMers worked for 6 months to produce the Arizona bombing sequence.
* About one fifth of the 135 million dollar Pearl Harbor budget went to FX.
* The on-set visualization ILM team employed 800 targets for the tracking and the high speed compositing.
* About 200 digital shots for lanscapes were done by ILM for A.I.
* The creation of Rouge City employed the blue screen elements along with 8 ft. tall miniatures, 3D models and matte paintings.
* The Mummy Returns had around 345 FX shots.
* Tippett Studios produced about 180 FX shots for Evolution.
* Aki on Final fantasy has about 60,000 strands of hair.
* Some scenes on Final Fantasy have up to 430 distinct layers.
* 50% to 80% of the cars in The Fast and the Furious were CG.
* Most real cars were shot at 50 to 60 mph but with several techniques (frame dropping, blending and others) they were made to look to go between 140 and 170 mph. has transcripts of the articles.

Thanks to The Cynic for the pointer.