Recap of Star Wars Celebration III Coverage

by malducin

The official Star Wars site and have posted several reports of several events during Star Wars Celebration III including ones dealing with VFX Supervisors John Knoll and Roger Guyett, Modelmakers Lorne Peterson and Don Bies, and George Lucas' appearance at the show.

There is some mention of everybody's career at ILM as well as some info on the making of the films like model use for Mustafar, the interaction between the JAK animatics and art departments with ILM and design issues. On Hyperspace you can also see animatics versions of the trailers. The official Star Wars reports (some are only available at Hyperspace) are:

Effects Secrets from John Knoll
Effects Deconstruction with Roger Guyett
Model Citizen: Lorne Peterson
Droid-Meister: Don Bies
Technologies & Environments: Ryan Church
Previsionary: Dan Gregoire
Behind The Art of Revenge
Thank the Maker: George Lucas
C3: Introducing George Lucas (Hyperspace)
Rick McCallum's Spectacular Spectacular
C3: Ep III Animatics Remix: Trailer (Hyperspace)
C3: Ep III Animatics Remix: Jedi Action (Hyperspace)
C3: Ep III Animatics Remix: Unite (Hyperspace) reports are a little light on details but there are some interesting tidbits here and there:

  • Iain McCaig apparently mentioned that he is doing concept work for Kerry Conran's John Carter of Mars.
  • ILM is already building models for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.
  • George Lucas received a new script for Indiana Jones 4 last week and will discuss it with Steven Spielberg this week.
  • 2,185 VFX shots in Star Wars Episode III.
  • Star Wars Episode III officially finished last week (April 17 or 18).

You can read the relevant reports here:

C3: Visual Effects with John Knoll
C3: Roger Guyett - Effects in Film
C3: Star Wars by the Numbers
C3: Lucasfilm Archives
C3: Report from Rick McCallum Spectacular
C3: George Lucas Appears at Celebration
C3: Scott's Recap of C3
C3: More from George Lucas at Media Q&A
C3: The Art of Episode3 Report
C3: The Animatics of Episode 3 Report
C3: ROTS Footage at ILM Model Discussion