Reviews of Robota and Concept Design Books

by malducin has posted a brief review of the Concept Design book which features the work of former ILM member James Clyne and legendary film designer Steve Burg among others. Also the San Francisco Chronicle posted a brief review of Doug Chiang's long awaited Robota book done in collaboration with master SciFi writer Orson Scott Card.

James Clyne worked at ILM on Galaxy Quest and worked for the movie studios in concept work for such films as Mission to Mars and Minority Report (designing the futuristic Washington D.C. among other things). Doug Chiang was an ILM VFX Art Director before moving as Art Director for the first two Star Wars prequels. He is currently working on the highly anticipated Polar Express by Robert Zemeckis at Imageworks. French animation house Sparx is trying to do an animated film based on Robota. You can read the reviews (the Robota one is halfway down) here:

Book review: Concept Design
Robota review

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