Ron Fedkiw to Talk around Bay Area about Simulations

by malducin

Both Bay Area SIGGRAPH Chapters will have Ron Fedkiw giving talks about simulation. Ron Fedkiw, Computer Science Professor at Stanford, has been a consultant for ILM for the past to years and he and several graduate students have worked on such diverse projects as water dynamics simulations, cloth dynamics simulations and fire simulations, in cooperation with ILM. The San Francisco Chapter will have its meeting March 7, 2003, while the Silicon Valley Chapter will have its meeting March 13, 2003.

The San Francisco meeting will take place at the San Jose Convention Center in association with the Game Developers Conference. The Silicon Valley event will take place at the De Anza Three Auditorium at Apple's Headquarters. You can read announcements for the meetings here:

New Reality Simulation and the Expanding Gaming World (San Francisco SIGGRAPH Chapter)
Simulation adds visual richness to virtual environments (Silicon Valley SIGGRAPH Chapter)

If you want to learn more about Ron Fedkiw and his research you can see his page at Stanford here:

Ron Fedkiw web page

In particular the Papers presented at SIGGRAPH 2002 were overseen by him and done with ILM's help.

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