Seth Rosenthal at AEAF 2003

by malducin

Seth Rosenthal, Motion Capture Supervisor at ILM, will present a Masterclass on mocap for production at AEAF 2003 (the Australian Effects and Animation Festival). His presentation will take place at 11:15 am on Wednesday, December 10, 2003.

The class will take place not long after Alex Laurant, ILM VFX Art Director, gives his talk on the VFX work on Peter Pan. Also, the Hulk was selected as one of the finalists for Best Feature Film VFX along with Ned Kelly (Complete Post), The Matrix Reloaded (ESC), George of the Jungle 2 (Complete Post), Double Vision (Digital Pictures Iloura) and Tomb Raider II: Lara Croft and the Cradle of Life (The Moving Picture Company). More details here:

AEAF 2003 program
AEAF 2003 Awards finalists