SGI Files Chapter 11; RIP Richard "Dr." Baily; Disney Finalizes Pixar Purchase

by malducin

The Wall Street Journal has reported that SGI has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. In very sad news Richard "Doc" Baily, a pioneering CG artist that contributed to such films as Fight Club and Solaris, unexpectedly passed away April 20, 2006. And Pixar takeover by Disney has been finalized.

Silicon Graphics was a key provider of hardware during the digital revolution in the late 80s to mid 90s. SGI was founded in 1982 by Dr. Jim Clark and ILM acquired their first SGI 4D workstations in 1988. Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection doesn't mean the company is gone, but that it's reorganizing to try become profitable and pay creditors:

Silicon Graphics Seeks Chapter 11 As Sales Decline
Silicon Graphics seeks Chapter 11 protection

Richard "Dr. " Baily was a pioneer in algorithmic CG art. He founded his own studio, Image Savant, which worked on such films as Solaris, Fight Club, The Core, Stay and The Cell:

A tribute to "The Doctor" by Kevin Tod Haug
Image Savant
Sculpting With Light
Digitizing the divine

Shareholders of Disney approved the purchase of Pixar, plus here are also a couple of articles about John Lasseter:

Pixar Holders OK Takeover by Disney
The Man Who Could Save Animation
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