Shawn Kelly, Carlos Baena and Bradley Gabe at SIGGRAPH 2005

by malducin

Animation Mentor co-founders Shawn Kelly, an ILM Animator, Bobby Beck and Carlos Baena, the latter two Animators at Pixar, will be at the CGW booth during SIGGRAPH 2005 on Tuesday August 2, 2005 at 2:30pm to answer questions about the animation and their online school. Additionally Carlos Baena, who was at ILM before joining Pixar, will be a speaker at the CGChar @ SIGGRAPH event. Also former ILM Animator Bradley Gabe who is co-founder of CG Soup will teach at the Softimage Training Center during the conference.

You can get more details of the presentation, including a Q&A session with the Animation Mentors, here:

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