SIGGRAPH 2001 Software Vendors Show ILM Pictures

by malducin

Several major 3D product vendors, like SGI, Alias/Wavefront, Softimage, and Discreet, count ILM as one of their most prominent and bigger customers. It's no surprise that they enlist the help of ILM (and other facilities) folks to help marketing, by showcasing some of the amazing work they have done in the previous year. Both Alias/Wavefront and Softimage have posted their official pictures of some of their SIGGRAPH 2001 events and some of them show a some of the talented ILM individuals that took part in the presentations.

At the Alias/Wavefront page we have a picture of Habib Zargarpour receiving his award as one of the first inductees to the Maya Master Program, from the ambassador himself Mark Sylvester. At the Softimage page you can find a virtual site link. Under the pictures for Day 2: User Group, there are a couple of pictures of Sylvia Wong, technical Animation Supervisor at ILM, during her presentation about AI. If you look closely at the screen you can see she is talking about the setup for Teddy and in the other one about the animation of the "far future" inhabitants. You'll need the Flash player for this one.

AWGUA 2001
Softimage SIGGRAPH 2001 virtual site

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