Supervisors for Dreamcatcher Confirmed

by malducin

The feature film version of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher has recently begun filming in Canada. The film, to be directed by Lawrence Kasdan, tells the story of four friends, who as children shared an experience that gave them special gifts, who reunite on a hunting trip and end up trying to stop an alien force. ILM was awarded the FX job a few months back and now we get confirmation that Stefen Fangmeier and Tim Alexander will supervise the work.

The script is Lawrence Kasdan and William Goldman, who previously wrote the scripts for Stephen King's Misery and Hearts in Atlantis. The film stars Morgan Freeman, Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane, Jason Lee, Damian Lewis, Timothy Olyphant and Donnie Wahlberg. The film is being produced by Castle Rock and is currently filming in Canada. The official site (minimal at the moment) is located here:

Dreamcatcher official site

Countless thanks to Ellen Pasternack of ILM for the confirmation.