TFN Reports on VFX Supervisors for Episode 2

by malducin has obtained three big scoops about the VFX work of Episode 2. They have a report on the press kit that details what each supervisor is doing, a report on the press event for the Magic of Myth Tour that has interviews with Lorne Peterson and Rob Coleman, and a link to the recently released production notes that contains also some VFX info.

Here is a quick summary: Pablo Helman worked on the Naboo scenes, John Knoll on the Coruscant, asteroid field and Geonosis chase sequences, Ben Snow on the Clone War and Dennis Muren on the factory scenes, and of course Rob Coleman supervising all the CG characters. No word on other major sequences like Kamino or the Jango Fett vs Obi Wan fight in the rain.

Here are the links:

4 Visual Effects Supervisors on AOTC
Magic of Myth Press Day, Part II
Full AOTC Production Notes

Many thanks to dr. CGI and The Cynic for the heads up.