The Hero Documentary and Original Trailer Online

by malducin

A trailer and documentary for Zhang Yimou's The Hero has appeared on the Web, apparently taken from promotional material shown in China. You can get a first peak at some of the VFX work supervised by former ILM Supervisor Ellen Poon, and provided by The Orphanage, Tweak Films and Animal Logic.

Ellen Poon, now at DFreedomZone, a company she formed, supervised the many VFX for the film which you can see on the trailer. Many of them are reminiscent of the VFX work in The Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and the film looks to be visually impressive. You can see several bullet time type VFX, CG arrows, panoramic vistas of ancient cities and huge armies. Two of the three main VFX providers were formed by former ILM members: The Orphanage was formed by Rebel Unit members Stu Maschwitz, Scott Stewart and Jonathan Rothbart, while Tweak Films was formed by R&D Lead Jim Hourihan and TD Chris Horvath. Animal Logic is one of the premiere Australian VFX houses most notably known for their work on films like The Matrix and The Thin Red Line.

The documentary and trailer is 7:28 min. long. The trailer starts just a bit after the 5 min. mark. Both the documentary and trailer are in Chinese but are fascinating nonetheless even if you don't understand anything. Here it is:

HERO News 190 - Noise-Free Version Of The Second Trailer And A Short Documentary

Thanks to the anonymous guest for the link.

In other news, seems the first full trailer of Terminator 3 will play in front of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, opening December 18, 2002.

Thanks to cellarboy for the heads up.