The Influence of CalArts in Animation

by malducin

The San Francisco Chronicle website is running and article on the influence of CalArts has had on modern animation. John Lasseter, who is the Executive VP of Creative at Pixar and worked at Disney and the Lucasfilm Computer Graphics Division, discusses the impact the old masters had on him and the industry. Many key people at Pixar, including director, came from CalArts like Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo), Pete Docter (Monsters Inc.) and Brad Bird (The Incredibles), Joe Ranft and Ralph Eggleston (For the Birds). Many current and former people at ILM also come from CalArts including Animation Supervisors Colin Brady and Tom Bertino, and Robert Blalack (who worked on the original Star Wars).

You can read the fascinating article here:

Pixar's Secret

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