Variety Looks at the Big Picture of Oscar 2004 VFX Race

by malducin

Yahoo! News is reprinting Variety's special coverage on the VFX Academy Awards. Richard Edlund, head of the VFX Branch, discusses the Bake-Off process and the push to one day have that category with 5 nominations, along with John Dykstra. Invisible VFX are also discussed, plus 5 possible nomination candidates: The Day After Tomorrow, Spider-Man 2, I, Robot, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and The Polar Express.

The specific film articles have comments from VFX supervisors like John Dykstra, Jerome Chen, John Nelson, David Prescott and Darin Hollings. You can read the articles here:

Recipe for an effects bake-off
Category may need to grow as effects work spreads
Invisible f/x tweak reality
The Day After Tomorrow
Spider-Man 2
I, Robot
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
The Polar Express

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