VES 2002 Completes Schedule with VFX Legends and Luminaries

by malducin

VES has almost completed updating it festival schedule and as always there are many more great speakers. Some include legends like Ray Harryhausen himself and many pioneers like Doug Trumbull, Tom Porter, Rocco Gioffre and Mark Stetson. Also ILM Animation Supervisor Dan Taylor will make an appearance.

Mr. Harryhausen will appear with Dan Taylor, Phil Tippett, Ken Bielenberg (PDI's FX Supervisor) and David Barclay (Jim Henson Creature Shop) on the presentation Creating the Character on Friday. Douglas Trumbull will appear twice, once on an event dedicated to him, and another for a Blade Runner retrospective.

The Blade Runner retrospective has many familiar names like Mark Stetson, who recently worked on Lord of the Rings, Rocco Gioffre who worked on Close Encounters of the Third Kind and was one of the founders of Dream Quest Images and R!ot, John Wash and Dave Hardberger who both worked on the original Star Wars, David Dryer and Virgil Mirano.

The Pixar events includes Tom Porter, who worked since it was Lucasfilm's Computer Graphics Group, Peter Docter the director of Monsters Inc. and Tia Kratter, Art Director at Pixar.

You can get the complete schedule and small bios here:

VES 2002 schedule