VES 2002 Will Have ILM Alumni Dave Carson and Henry LaBounta

by malducin

The details of the last session of VES 2002 are now up and two ILM alumni will be among the presenters: Dave Carson and Henry LaBounta. The session discusses the convergence of video games and films.

Dave Carson was a Supervisor and Art Director at ILM, having started at ILM since The Empire Strikes Back and working on landmark projects like Young Sherlock Holmes, Jurassic Park and the Star Wars Special Editions. According to the listing he now works at Electronic Arts. Henry LaBounta worked at ILM in such pioneering films as Casper and Twister before joining PDI where he worked as a supervisor for their VFX department (CAFE). He worked there supervising Forces of Nature, Mission Impossible 2 and alongside his former employer in AI and Minority Report. He also recently joined Electronic Arts.

More information here:

The Convergence of Feature Effects and Video Games