VES Festival 2002 to Have Huge Coverage of Episode 2 Work

by malducin

The VES Festival website has recently been updated and now includes the schedule of their program for this years Festival. There will be 10 presentations, with 4 dedicated to ILM, all 4 to the work on Episode 2. In addition there will be a talks on Spider-Man, Black Hawk Down, a retrospective on Pixar, an interview with FX legend Doug Trumbull, a retrospective on Blade Runner, and an event called 'Creating the Character'.

There is still no detailed descriptions but it's safe to assume that each ILM talk will be with the supervisors: Dennis Muren, John Knoll, Pablo Helman and Rob Coleman. It's also probable that former ILMers will participate, like John Dykstra for the Spider-Man talk, and Ed Catmull for the Pixar presentation. You can get more info here:

VES Festival 2002

This will be the ILM and VFX event to attend besides SIGGRAPH 2002. It will take place from June 14 to June 16. The event will be held at the Rafael Film Center:

Rafael Film Center

Reserved tickets can be ordered now, and tickets for individual presentations until April 15, 2002. Though I wouldn't wait too long, they are sure to go fast (more so after the last Episode 2 trailer). While the general fans will probably go to Celebration 2, this event if for all the VFX fans out there. More details will be posted as they appear, and ILMfan will try to cover the event once more.