VES Prepares for First VFX Award Ceremony

by malducin

The Visual Effects Society has put online the rules, procedures and submission forms for the first ever VES Awards, which will recognize the best FX work of the year in film, TV, commercials, videos and specials. The awards will be presented February 19, 2003.

Independent VFX Supervisor Jeff Okun is in charge of setting up this historic event, after Tom Atkin announced them back at VES 2002. There are 24 separate categories plus the possibility of special awards. In general terms the awards are:

  • 6 Best VFX awards classified according to medium: VFX heavy film, light VFX film (could be considered for films with mostly invisible FX), for TV series, for TV movie, miniseries, or special, for commercial and for music video.
  • The 18 other awards are given for 9 FX specialties, each specialty has 2 awards, one for film, the other for TV, music video or commercial. The 9 specialties are: character animation (includes CG and animatronic and makeup FX), special effects (practical, mechanical, pyro, etc.), matte paintings, miniatures and models, FX photography, FX art direction, compositing, and best actor performance in VFX sequence.

Nominations are announced January 13 while the voting takes place February 8 and 9. Up to 4 nominees per category are permitted. Much of the procedures are similar to the Academy Bake-off, in which a clip of finished material is presented by the nominees followed by a Q&A session. Panels of experts between 5 and 15 VES members select the nominees. There are up to 3 nominees per category and it's possible for a category to have no nominations if there is no outstanding work. The special awards fall in 3 categories: board of directors award, lifetime achievement award and technical achievement award.

Overall it seems like a well balanced system for the first time. More information can be found on the VES section for the awards:

VES Awards