VFX Coverage of King Kong

by malducin

VFXWorld, Millimeter and Post magazines and others have articles dealing with the VFX work in King Kong, where former ILM members Joe Letteri, Ben Snow, George Murphy and Scott E. Anderson and the Weta Digital crew discuss the project.

The articles cover all aspects of the VFX work, from King Kong and the creatures to the extensive environments involved. You can read them here:

Post Production Diary - 3 Weeks To Go (KongisKing.net)
King Kong: Part 1 - The Creatures of Skull Island (VFXWorld.com)
King Kong: Part 2 - Building a New Skull Island and Old New York (VFXWorld.com)
Big Picture: King Kong's Effects (Millimeter)
'Kong' roundtables with Joe Letteri, Richard Taylor and Andy Serkis (VFXBlog.com)
King Kong's Tale of Two Islands (Post)
Hair Wars: Aslan vs King Kong (3D World)