VFXBlog Interviews Eric Chauvin

by malducin

VFXBlog.com conducted an interview with Eric Chauvin, former ILM matte painter and founder of BlackPool Studios, on his work on Blade: Trinity.

Eric Chauvin worked on several projects at ILM including Forrest Gump, the Star Wars Special Editions and the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles TV series, for which he won 1 Emmy for best VFX and got 2 additional nominations. You can read the interview here:

Interview: BlackPool Studios' Eric Chauvin on 'Blade: Trinity'

In a related note Animated News announced that the website of Peter and Harrison Ellenshaw has been revamped with more examples of their work, like Peter Ellenshaw's work in several memorable Disney films. His son Harrison, worked on several matte paintings for the original Star Wars. You can read more here:

"Ellenshaw Collectors Editions"
The Ellenshaw's website

Originally spotted on CGTalk.com.