Willi Geiger and Poseidon

by malducin

CG Supervisor Willi Geiger recently took time so time to talk to ILMfan about the VFX work in Wolfgang Petersen's Poseidon, with ILM's contributions supervised by Kim Libreri. Willi, who was in charge of rendering the ocean effects, discusses the opening shot, the rogue wave, their new fluid dynamics engine, the digital ship and its lighting setup.

You can read it here:

Willi Geiger and Poseidon

Many thanks to Willi Geiger for his time and great insight and to Megan Corbet of PR for all the help.

On semi-related news we just rescued an older interview with Joshua Pines, where TheFan asks him about the preparations the ILM team would take for the SIGGRAPH Bowl III, which took place during SIGGRAPH 1998 in Orlando:

Let the Wookiee Win; It's ILM's Only Chance