Back to the Future

Release Date July 03, 1985
Director(s) Robert Zemeckis
Client(s) Amblin and Universal
Category Film
Credits complete? Yes
Back to the Future


BAFTA Awards - Best Special Visual Effects Nomination
Ken Ralston and Kevin Pike
Awarded: January 01, 1986


Visual Effects Produced At
Industrial Light & Magic
Marin County, California

Supervisor of Visual Effects

Ken Ralston (uncredited)

Visual Effects Art Director

Phillip Norwood (uncredited)

Optical Supervisor

John Ellis (uncredited)

Supervising Modelmaker

Steve Gawley (uncredited)

Animation Supervisor

Charles Mullen (as Charlie Mullen) (uncredited)

Supervising Visual Effects Editor

Howard Stein (as Howie Stein) (uncredited)

Production Coordinator

Laurie Vermont (uncredited)

General Manager, ILM

Warren Franklin (uncredited)

Camera Operators

Scott Farrar (uncredited)

Robert Hill (as Bob Hill) (uncredited)

Kim Marks (uncredited)

Assistant Camera Operators

Ray Gilberti

Robert Hill
(as Bob Hill)

Randy Jonsson
(as Randy Johnson)

Martin Rosenberg
(as Marty Rosenberg)

Optical Camera Operators

Donald Clark
(as Don Clark)

James Hagedorn
(as Jim Hagedorn)

James Lim

Kenneth Smith

Optical Line-Up

Ralph Gordon (uncredited)

Peg Hunter (uncredited)

Ed Jones (uncredited)

Optical Technicians

Jeff Doran (uncredited)

Tim Geideman (uncredited)

Louis Rivera (uncredited)


Mike Cochrane

Michael Fulmer
(as Mike Fulmer)

Ira Keeler

Wesley Seeds

Rotoscope Supervisor

Ellen Lichtwardt (uncredited)


Barbara Brennan

Jack Mongovan

Peggy Regan

Jay Riddle
(as A.J. Riddle III)

Wes Takahashi

Rotoscope Artists

Donna K. Baker (as Donna Baker) (uncredited)

Sandy Houston (uncredited)

Ink & Paint

Peter Albrecht (uncredited)

Ellen Ferguson (uncredited)

Joanne Hafner (uncredited)

Effects Editor

Bill Kimberlin (uncredited)

Assistant Editors

Michael Moore (as Mike Moore) (uncredited)

Terrence Peck (as Terry Peck) (uncredited)

Stage Technician

Robert Finley Jr. (as Bob Finley, Jr.) (uncredited)


Ted Moehnke (uncredited)

Peter Stolz (uncredited)