Raiders of the Lost Ark

Release Date June 12, 1981
Director(s) Steven Spielberg
Client(s) Lucasfilm Ltd. and Paramount
Category Film
Credits complete? Yes
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Raiders of the Lost Ark


Academy Award (Oscar) - Best Achievement in Visual Effects Winner
Richard Edlund, Joe Johnston, Bruce Nicholson and Kit West
Awarded: March 29, 1982

Saturn Award - Best Special Effects Winner
Richard Edlund
Awarded: July 27, 1982


Special Visual Effects Produced at
Industrial Light and Magic
Marin County, CA.

Visual Effects Supervisor

Richard Edlund

Optical Photography Supervisor

Bruce Nicholson

Production Supervisor

Thomas G. Smith (as Thomas Smith)

Art Director - Visual Effects

Joe Johnston

Matte Painting Supervisor

Alan Maley

Visual Effects Editorial Supervisor

Conrad Buff

Production Coordinator

Patricia Blau

Production Associate

Miki Herman

Animation Supervisors

Samuel Comstock

Deitrich Friesen

Effects Cameraman

Jim Veilleux

Camera Operators

Don Dow

Bill Neil

Assistant Cameraman

Clint Palmer

Optical Printer Operators

David Berry

John Ellis

Kenneth Smith

Optical Line-Up

Warren Franklin

Thomas Rosseter

Mark Vargo

Assistant Art Director

Nilo Rodis-Jamero


Ralph McQuarrie

Matte Artist

Michael Pangrazio

Matte Photography

Neil Krepela

Matte Photography Assistant

Craig Barron

Modelshop Foreman

Lorne Peterson

Model Makers

Charles Bailey
(as Charlie Bailey)

Michael Fulmer
(as Mike Fulmer)

Steve Gawley

Paul Huston

Ease Owyeung

Bruce Richardson

Wesley Seeds

Marc Thorpe

Samuel Zolltheis
(as Sam Zolltheis)


Scott Caple

Loring Doyle

Judy Elkins

Sylvia Keulen

Kim Knowlton

Scott Marshall

John Van Vliet

Garry Waller

Assistant Effects Editors

Peter Amundson

Howard Stein

Assistant Film Editor

Duwayne Dunham

Production Coordinator

Laurie Vermont

Cloud Effects

Gary Platek

Special Make-Up Effects

Chris Walas (as Christopher Wallas)

Laboratory Technicians

Tim Geideman

Ed Jones

Duncan Myers

Still Photographer

Terry Chostner

Administration Assistant

Chrissie England

Production Accountants

David Kakita

Laura Kaysen

Shirley Lee

Still Lab Technicians

Roberto McGrath

Kerry Nordquist

Electronic Systems Designer

Jerry Jeffress

Computer Engineering

Kris Brown

Design Engineer

Mike Bolles

Electronic Engineers

Marty Brenneis

Gary Leo

Mike MacKenzie

Electronic Technicians

Melissa Cargill

Cristi McCarthy

Bess Wiley (as Bessie Wiley)

Equipment Engineering Supervisor

Gene Whiteman


Udo Pampel

Special Projects

Wade Childress

Supervising Stage Technician

Ted Moehnke (as T.E. Moehnke)

Stage Technicians

William Beck

Dick Dova

Robert Finley III
(as Bobby Finley III)

Patrick Fitzsimmons

Edward Hirsh

John McLeod
(as John McCleod)

Peter Stolz


Thaine Morris

Ultra High Speed Camera

Bruce Hill Productions