Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

Release Date June 01, 1984
Director(s) Leonard Nimoy
Client(s) Paramount
Category Film
Credits complete? Yes
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock


Saturn Award - Best Special Effects Nomination
Ralph Winter
Awarded: June 09, 1985


Special Visual Effects
Produced at
Industrial Light & Magic
Marin County, California

Supervisor of Visual Effects

Ken Ralston (as Kenneth Ralston)

Visual Effects Art Directors

David Carson

Nilo Rodis-Jamero (as Nilo Rodis)

Optical Photography Supervisor

Kenneth Smith (as Kenneth F. Smith)

Visual Effects Cameramen

Don Dow (as Donald Dow)

Selwyn Eddy III

Scott Farrar

Assistant Cameramen

Peter Daulton

Ray Gilberti

David Hanks
(as Dave Hanks)

Toby Heindel

Robert Hill

Patrick McArdle

Optical Camera Operators

Donald Clark

James Lim

Optical Line-Up

David Berry

Ralph Gordon

General Manager, ILM

Thomas G. Smith (as Tom Smith)

Production Supervisor

Warren Franklin

Production Coordinator

Laurie Vermont

Supervising Modelmaker

Steve Gawley

Additional Spacecraft Design

Bill George (as William George)


William Beck

Sean Casey

Richard Davis

Michael Fulmer

Ira Keeler

Jeff Mann

Creature Supervisor

David Sosalla

Matte Painting Supervisor

Michael Pangrazio

Matte Artists

Christopher Evans

Frank Ordaz

Matte Camera Supervisor

Craig Barron

Animation Supervisor

Charles Mullen

Effects Animators

Phillip Norwood

Rick Schulze (as Richard Schulze) (uncredited)

Bruce Walters

Chief Visual Effects Editor

Bill Kimberlin

Visual Effects Editor

Jay Ignaszewski

Miniature Pyrotechnics and Fire Effects

Ted Moehnke

Stage Technicians

ILM Stage Crew

Still Photography Supervisor

Terry Chostner

Equipment Engineering Supervisor

Mike MacKenzie (as Michael MacKenzie)