10 Stats That Reveal The Economics Of The Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry

In a world where technology and economics create unique challenges across segments in the entertainment industry, much of the changes can be seen in music, film, and art over the past few decades. The individual artists have gained enough for the next three generations.

When there is a mixture of technology and entertainment, it is expected to have great success.
Everything has its pros and cons, but only a few segments have the ability where the cons can be turned into pros within a few years.
Some of the records will astonish us with the numbers it got.

Marvel’s Black Panther

Black Panther is a movie that has got a lot of success worldwide with the best acting, directing, screenplay, audience response, and budget.
Marvel’s Black Panther is a movie that involved around 3100 workers. The cast crew and the key members took home more than $26.5 million in wages.

 Entertainment Industry


YouTube is one such application that everyone uses for one or the other needs. The report says that the consumption of this application rises over 100% every year just on mobile. The involvement and quality are increasing day by day, and YouTube is gaining a lot of popularity and changes the lives of money.

Kickstarter projects!

2016 is an excellent year for Kickstarter. Facts say that there were about 4008 successful Kickstart projects that were music-based in 2016. With a success rate of 51.5%, there was a rise of about 34 million!
Three thousand eight hundred forty-six successful film-based Kickstart projects earned a raise of 66.4 million in 2016. It was having a success rate of 37%.

 Entertainment Industry

Sever major studios

Seven significant studios control over 80% of the total films of film industry revenue. They have led me to the top studios, Disney has 18.2%, NBCUniversal has 16.4%, Time Warner controls 16.2%, 21st Century Fox has 12.9%, and Sony with 12.1% of total film industry revenue.

Crash of DVD market

In 2016, the DVD market was crashed, and the sales and rentals of films in America got sunk to $12 billion from $25 billion in 2005. All these were in physical copy got crashed.

 Entertainment Industry

Most pirated movie!

Avatar is one of the most successful movies 2016 is an excellent year for Kickstarter, and it has also got the most pirated movies of all time. It was downloaded illegally on over 21 million occasions which affected the economy drastically.


The Streaming of video service accounts, monthly traffic is over 30000 petabytes of data. The expectation is to raise the numbers by 50% by 2021.

 Entertainment Industry

Big hit to US and Canada

The movie theater admission in Canada and the US was hit a 10-year low by dipping 6% last year.

Domestic box office

The domestic box office will now be accounting for revenue for less than25% for film studies. At the same time, the foreign distribution is 36.1%.

American film industry

American film industry got the revenue of $43.4 billion last year alone and accounted for 18% of it.

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