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How To Write A Film Business Plan

When you are so confident in making your career in the entertainment industry, you need to know about the business plans you will be making in this world of investors and self-funded film business. Here is a primary draft that will help you to get the reach better. The script The primary component of any movie is the story. It is a root to a film where the whole movie depends on it. The investors will want to know about the script if it has… Read More »How To Write A Film Business Plan

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Media And Entertainment Industry Trends

In recent times, the mental condition of people has got worst, and the media industry is trying to improve it by entertaining them. The new series, movies, and old concerts are all the things we consumed in 2020. The estimated streaming market size of the global video is $50.11 billion in 2020. In contrast, the estimated reach for 2021 is about $59 billion, which is considered a tremendous growth as bolstered by our time spent at home. Some of the trends that can be expected… Read More »Media And Entertainment Industry Trends

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How To Start An Entertainment Production Company?

Before starting any production or a company, it is essential to have a clear business plan. But once you have a proper plan, you can attain success with ease. Determining the company’s niche The content that you are going to create or have a plan to specialize in is what you need to think of doing in the first place. Maybe a low-budget movie with horror features, or perhaps you want to do a sci-fi movie with some artistic elements. It is indeed an important… Read More »How To Start An Entertainment Production Company?

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A Guided Tour To The Crew Positions!

No matter which genre the movie is, the film’s ending credits say or reveal the variety of crew positions and their contribution to the creation. If you are working in a film, you at least need to be familiar with the roles in the movie. The Director One of the most influential people in a film. He provides a guide to create a vision for q production. They aren’t given the authority over the entire project. Still, they are responsible for the whole process creatively,… Read More »A Guided Tour To The Crew Positions!

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10 Stats That Reveal The Economics Of The Entertainment Industry

In a world where technology and economics create unique challenges across segments in the entertainment industry, much of the changes can be seen in music, film, and art over the past few decades. The individual artists have gained enough for the next three generations. When there is a mixture of technology and entertainment, it is expected to have great success. Everything has its pros and cons, but only a few segments have the ability where the cons can be turned into pros within a few… Read More »10 Stats That Reveal The Economics Of The Entertainment Industry