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ILM is a team that is committed to creativity in its productions by putting together the aesthetic of visuals like no other. Be all set to be awe-inspired with our virtual productions.


We have excelled in providing the best solutions related to virtual production by providing you with an ambience and support to explore various aspects of it creatively.


Technoprops is the best hardware division for virtual production that would render you able to capture the performance par perfection.

Industrial Light and Magic


An art department that would suffice to fulfil all the needs for virtual production.


ILM assures you the ability to capture the performance in the best possible manner.


With the best of techniques in place, ILM ensures a perfect facial capture for all its productions.

ILM 40th Anniversary

May 20, 2015 marks the 40th anniversary. ILM has worked on over 300 film projects and countless of commercials, TV, games and other projects. They have worked on some of the most iconic images on the screen and pushed the boundaries of art and technology.



"ILM has helped me create a virtual production that compels me to watch it again and again. It’s wonderful."
George D Baker

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